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Character * Writer * Comic * Actor * VO * Subversive * Human

The background artist The Roxy,  Tom Cruise, Amnesty Int. & Barack Obama follow.

The busker in short shorts & rainbow tactical leg warmers …

… known as “Lt. Frank” of Vegas 90210 … who folks conflate with Reno 911!

Who Nick Swardson calls a “great guy” and Thomas Lennon calls “bigger”.

Who grabbed Denise Richards.  Professionally.  For Disney. (LOOKS * REEL)

The SAG-AFTRA actor often a uniform cop, detective or other type of police in TV & film.

Who can stand-in for Nicolas Cage.  (IMDb)

As seen in The Hollywood Reporter and at Beacher’s Madhouse in Las Vegas & Hollywood.

Who wrote for Hank Azaria and opened for Lisa Landry.

Who founded The Hillsdale Spectator, Hillsdale College dismissed & FBI calls “subversive”.

Eagle Scout, Connor’s father & instigator of Heroteer.org.

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