18 Questions to Ask Your Hollywood Tour

Before You Spend a Dime!

STOP!  Before you spend any money on your next Hollywood Tour, ask your tour guide:

  1. Are your lies entertaining? The accuracy of statements about “Celebrity Homes” and “Hollywood Stars” highlighted in popular Hollywood Tours has been questioned, most recently by NBC LA (Lies).  Mark Roman doesn’t pretend to tell the truth.  Or obsess over inane celebrity trivia like a middle schooler hopped up on energy drinks.  He’s a professional entertainer who delivers thought-provoking improv comedy.  Want to learn how to be a stalker in Kardashian Nation?  Take a “Celebrity Homes” or “Big Red Tabloid Bus” Tour.  Do you love Hollywood for quality scripts and acting, the comedy and drama that informs, inspires and entertains?  Then take a witty tour from a Hollywood local, a working actor with call times at Hollywood studios.  Hire Mark Roman.
  2. Will you be driving a large commercial vehicle along narrow windy hills on steep cliffs while giving the tour?  Mark Roman won’t.  He flat refuses to drive.  He focuses solely on the tour, which he can easily perform while sitting, standing or walking.  If you prefer to be driven while Mark conducts your tour, Mark recommends you hire a distraction-free professional driver to helm the licensed and well-maintained newer vehicle of your choice. (NBC LA story on Safety)
  3. Are you a criminal?  Mark Roman has no criminal record and routinely passes employer background checks.  As a professional union screen actor, Mark routinely works with and around A list artists.
  4. Do you have a professional background?  Mark Roman, prior to the events depicted in the film The Big Short, was a licensed real estate agent and notary public in the State of California.  Currently, Mark Roman is a SAG-AFTRA working entertainer and professional busker with several Internet Movie Database (IMDb) credits.
  5. Did you attend college/university?  Mark Roman pursued a double major on academic scholarship attending Hillsdale College, an accredited institution of higher learning in Michigan.  He was dismissed by college president George Roche when Mark refused to cease publication of his independent student newspaper.  A decade later George Roche resigned amid a suicide and sex scandal involving his son’s wife.
  6. Are you literate?  Despite college, Mark continues to enjoy reading books.  Consider Mark Roman’s Goodreads profile.
  7. Did Vanity Fair write about you?  A paragraph discusses Mark and Hillsdale College’s perception of his activities as a student editor in the March 2000 issue (Madonna and Rupert Everett on the cover).
  8. Are you an Eagle Scout?  Mark Roman remains an Eagle Scout.  Once a Scout …
  9. Have you performed at live shows in Hollywood or Las Vegas?  Mark Roman has at the Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood, the MGM Las Vegas and the Downtown Grand Las Vegas.
  10. Are you a stand-up comic?  Mark Roman is.  He’s opened for Lisa Landry and guest hosted Paul Scally’s Grand Laughs Comedy Show at the Downtown Grand Las Vegas.
  11. Have you worked as a busker like Penn & Teller, Jewel, Rod Stewart and Robin Williams?  Mark Roman has.  He created the character “Lt. Frank FFIREHS” of Vegas90210.com, which many consider an impersonation of Tom Lennon’s Lt. Dangle from the TV show Reno 911! & film Reno 911!: Miami.  Mr. Lennon calls Mark his “doppelganger” and “bigger”.
  12. Are you a working actor?  Mark Roman is.  Over forty credits fill his IMDb.  When he points out movie studios during a tour, he can share first hand experience of what it is like to work on Hollywood movie sets.
  13. Are you a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA), the professional screen actors union?  Mark Roman is.  He’s been a member since 2012.
  14. Did The Hollywood Reporter write about you? See Mark Roman’s photo and interview in the 2016 Oscar Edition (Chris Rock’s on the cover).
  15. Did Tom Lennon ask to get his photo with you?  Tom posted his with Mark Roman as Lt. Frank in Vegas and Hollywood on Twitter.
  16. Did Nick Swardson ask to get his photo with you?  Nick posted his with Mark Roman as Lt. Frank in Hollywood on Instagram and Twitter.
  17. Are you a writer?  Mark Roman wrote lines Hank Azaria performed on camera for the NBC prime time sitcom “Free Agents”.  Mark writes all the dialogue and backstory for his busker character “Lt. Frank” of Vegas 90210.  Mark wrote the poem “Son of Elmer Gantry’s Bitch.”  Mark is currently working on a few books and screenplays.
  18. Does Tom Cruise, Barack Obama and Nancy Sinatra follow you on social media?  They are three of the 40+ verified celebrity accounts that follow @TheMarkRoman on Twitter.

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