WATCH Me on “Adam Ruins Everything” 23 AUG 10pm on TRUTV

I’m the priest.  John Ennis loved my reactions to his character.  Maybe you will too.

Watch me on Adam Ruins Everything 10pm 23 AUG on TRUTV.

“Let Star Wars Show” lyrics

Let Star Wars Show
(A Hollywood Boulevard Christmas Carol Awakens)
Sing to the tune of “Let It Snow”.
Dedicated to Bill Murray.  And Jonah Nimoy.

Well the weather outside is delightful,
And Jimmy Kimmel’s filming NOT tonightful,
With only [#] shopping days left to go,
Let Star Wars show
Let it show
Let it show.

It doesn’t show signs of stopping
Grossing five two nine mill and still popping
That ArcLight mishap dude let it go
Let Star Wars show
Let it show
Let it show

Will Han and Leia kiss tonight?
How we hate Jar Jar Binks we so forlorn
But if Rey or Finn holds me Jedi tight
All the way home I’ll be warm!

May the Force with you be not dying
Live long and prosper JJ Abrams flying
As long as we be all “Chewie, We’re Home”
Let Star Wars show
Let it show
Let it show

© 2015 Mark Roman (aka Mark Nehls)

Mark Roman #IMDb #STARmeter UP 136k This Month

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IMDb STARmeter UP 98k this week!

UP 136k this month for Mark Roman!

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I’m on Google+. You know. The other social network.


I’m on Google+. You know. The other social network.

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Watch me on the Paul Scally roundtable on #WCOBM!

Paul Scally created and hosts the Grand Laughs Comedy Show at the Downtown Grand Las Vegas.

Grand Laughs

I’ve guest hosted and served as announcer for Grand Laughs.


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