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about Mark Roman aka Lt. Frank FFIREHS of Vegas 90210 aka Mark Nehls

“Does a spin on Thomas Lennon’s Reno 911 character, Lt. Jim Dangle” – The Hollywood Reporter [links]

“Raven Symone’s Madhouse Birthday” – TMZ [photo]

“That thing where you run into a guy dressed like you on the Vegas Strip.” – Thomas Lennon (“Lt. Dangle” of Reno 911!) [tweet]

“He’s a big, thick dude with a big round behind.  He looks really good.  He’s a lot bigger than me.” – Thomas Lennon (“Felix #5” in The Odd Couple on CBS) [Jeselnik Offensive @CC  full episode]

“Nothing more weird than walking down Hollywood Blvd and running into your co-star that’s not really him. Great guy though. Miss Reno. Most fun ever.” – Nick Swardson (Terry of Reno 911!) [Instagram post]

“It’s a good look.” – Erik Estrada (Ponch on CHiPs), while passing Mark’s Vegas 90210 character in Las Vegas

“Rainbow officer.” – Lindsey Adams (Weekend news anchor ABC 23 TV Bakersfield) [video]

“Expelled.” – Hillsdale College [website]

“Artful dodger.” – Ronald Trowbridge (former Hillsdale College VP of External Programs and Communications, former chief of staff to US Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger)

“Subversive.” – Federal Bureau of Investigation

“The result of Roche’s attitude was students and professors who claim they were unjustly kicked out of Hillsdale. The most prominent example is Mark Nehls.” – Salon, article  by Jonathan Ellis

“After clashing with the administration over censorship and other issues, Nehls was thrown out of Hillsdale” – Vanity Fair, article by Sam Tanenhaus per Nehls v. Hillsdale summary judgment

WHO IS Vegas 90210, Mark’s alter ego?  – Tourists from around the world have answers.

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