Under construction …

but consider these performance clips of Mark Roman (Vegas 90210 characters HERE):

COP WRESTLING with Alan Cumming (feature film Any Day NowWATCH [0:02]

COP WRESTLING with Denise Richards on Disney’s Kickin’ It (S2E16 “Wedding Crashers” @ time 20:00+) – WATCH [TBD]

IMPROV CONVERSATION on  Mahalo with news items & set props – WATCH [3:23]

IMPROV INTERVIEW: On the Road with Dr Brian: The Sheriff of Hollywood –  WATCH [15:47]

PERIOD – on Mike & Molly as Young Thomas Jefferson – WATCH [1:04] (blue costume, lower left corner)

SINGING Christmas classic REWRITTEN as “Let Star Wars Show” WATCH [1:28]

SECRET SERVICE DISCUSSING case on ID’s I (Almost) Got Away with It (S3E3 “Got A Bad Temper”) – WATCH [TBD]

TV HOST in Joel McHale Talk Soup type routine in Reality TV Movie – WATCH [TBD]

VOICE OVER – Promo announcer LISTEN [0:25]


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