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The podcast is the thing.  In which to catch the conscience of my mojo’s sting.

At least that’s been my thought.  The latest incarnation I pulled off today as a Facebook LIVE stream (in three parts:  one, two & three).  My Facebook friends and I discussed the World Series (with expert insight from MLB official scorer Michael Duca), Los Angeles city issues and Vegas 90210, among other fardels of our mutual content.  Ment.  Yeah, so I’m in a Shakespeare -ish mood.  Go watch a rerun of Jersey Shore or the Apprentice or something.  The adults are busy.  And stuff.

I may do another stream next week.  Stay tuned to the events portion of my Mark Roman, Creative page on Facebook.  Maybe this will become a thing.  I can’t wait to see …





Michael Duca shared his thoughts on the World Series.  Check out his LinkedIn and book.

NEWS stories:

LA’s Roads Are Second-Worst in Country, Study Says (LINK)

L.A. City Council approves Frank Gehry’s project on the Sunset Strip (LINK)

Legal or not, L.A. developers should not get special breaks from city officials (LINK)

Ending Homelessness: New Survey Reveals Grim Statistics, Calling For Permanent Solutions (LINK)

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Listen to Smartest Man @gregproops, Let Others Rubberneck The Donald

What did The Donald say now?

Omigod, are you also gonna like totally tell me what Bieber or Miley or some Kardashian entity … just soberly drew with a blunt crayon … only with the assistance of “A” list emotional support servants?


I’d rather hear of the latest sighting of Wild Boars!

Sorry about that.  I meant to say “Wild Boars” … followed by The Punctuation Formerly Known as Exclamation Point.  For best results, I recommend doing so via comedian Greg Proops’ The Smartest Man in the World Podcast.

There is so much in which to frolic within the high sanctuary of Mr. Proops’ Vodkast … gems one won’t find under that golden squirrel clutching the Trump gourd for dear life.

One such prolific gem: what’s imminent in the life of Karl Lagerfeld’s Fashion Tycoon Support Animal.

No, not a muntjac


Or anything kittens related.  Even Kittens McTavish.

Or how The Gwenyth endured more than Joan of Arc could ever imagine at that wine tasting with Jon Favreau at Martha’s Vineyard.

… as narrated by Jeremy Irons …

… as voiced by Greg Proops.  Greg Proops?  Greg Proops.  Yeah, that guy from that show.  No, not The Price Is Right.  Not the black guy, either.  The guy who looks like Buddy Holly?

Why do I even try.

And you wonder why His Most Eminently Holy Smoking Irons Clad Kittens McTavish Berrated Pope of Improv, Pontificate of the Boring and Preachy and Feminist Warlord of Mutjacs and Other Familiars – Greg Proops – is frequently in dire need of a vodka-flavored vodka drink.

Just enjoy Greg Proops’ The Smartest Man in the World Podcast.

You’ll have more fun.

I do.
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